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1-AUG-2019 SolveSys - Equation Library and Nonlinear Systems Solver
02-24-2017, 01:59 AM (This post was last modified: 02-24-2017 04:21 PM by Han.)
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RE: 20-FEB-2017 SolveSys - Equation Library and Multiple Equations Solver
(02-23-2017 11:46 PM)akmon Wrote:  The program is solving smoother as versions upgrades. I´ve made a quick review to the equation library, and here are the flaws I detected, to confirm with your opinion:

Systems 3, 4, 6, 7 and E. Conflicts with variables, can´t solve values, return to equation menu.

Verified that 3, 4, 6, and 7 will not solve. This is due to conflicts with R1 and R2 app variables in the Polar graphing app. Changing them to r1 and r2 seems to get around the issue and will likely be the published change. I personally feel this should be a firmware "bug" since app variables are supposed to have higher priority than built-in variables from other apps. We'll wait and see what the developers say. Other conflict messages you can ignore if the system can still be solved. System 7 fails on initial guess of all 1's -- this is due to F being undefined during the initial iteration. I'll have to chase down this bug since it should have displayed an error rather in verbose mode.

I was unable to find any issues with system E (DC Inductor Voltage) in terms of solving for values. Using 1, 2, 3, ..., 8 for the 8 variables gives me a solution. Did you have a different initial set of values that failed?

System 2 conflict with D1 and D2 variables, but is able to solve.

System 2 conflict with V0 but is able to solve.

As mentioned above, since you can still solve your system, these conflict messages can be safely ignored. They're mainly in place to help debug which built-in variables are useable and which are problematic (such as R1 and R2).

system 3. Cannot get into [NUM] menu,

Confirmed. This is due to two missing variables vx and vy not being defined in the system itself.

It appears from your hard work that apps that have functions as built-in variables (e.g. Function app and F0 through F9) currently has priority over user-created app variables of the same name. So we will have to avoid these specific variables as well.

Thank you for finding these; your help is greatly appreciated. I will publish an update to the library data file. Just to give you a heads up: for systems which use functions such as ZFACTOR, SIDENS, etc. you will unlikely be able to solve for the variables that are arguments for these functions. Those variables must be set as constants. In the future (and in theory) they will be solvable once I implement a numerical Jacobian routine, since the CAS most likely does not know how to provide analytical (partial) derivatives of these custom functions.

EDIT: library file updated; see

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