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Reboot Problem
02-03-2017, 04:19 PM
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RE: Reboot Problem
(02-03-2017 02:27 PM)Han Wrote:  First, try clearing your memory. I believe this can be done using [ON] [A] [F]. If it doesn't help... read on.

If you have not already backed up the calculator, I recommend doing so. And I would recommend backing up each individual program/app/note and not the whole calculator. That is, back up the parts. Otherwise, a normal backup could possibly just be saving the problem that gets installed back onto your calculator with a restore.

Then, format the calculator. During a warmstart ([ON][Symb]), hold [A] [C] [O] to get to the flash utility (option 4). Then select format. To exit this interface, force another warmstart ([ON][Symb]).

It seems to be solved for now. Not only did I have to reformat the drive, I had to do a RAM test. I then restored one file at a time and tested between each restore. There was no consistent pattern but the problem would return after different files were restored. Finally, after formatting C and doing a few more RAM and reliability tests, I could have all programs loaded problem free. I guess I shook some bits loose. Smile Thanks for the quick response!

Tom L

Tom L
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