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newRPL: Output to a text console
01-12-2017, 08:54 PM
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RE: newRPL: Output to a text console
I believe this is a worthy goal. I'll be interested in seeing if others perceive the same need for this, though. My use of calculators nowadays is probably far less
"math-focused" than most here.

Several recent programs I've worked on seem to have all benefited from presenting multi-line output in the form of a large string object that was then displayed using the 50g's built-in editor (SysRPL InputLine). This allows the user to scroll the text as needed to see the output, which has a very natural feel to it IMHO. A console would fit nicely with this model, and could perhaps extend it to be more interactive as well (allowing, say, input as well as output).

An example of where a console would have been handy:

I recently created a "Body Metrics" program to help me track my Body Mass Index and several related measurements. I used an input form to present/edit the five variables, then a series of 9 items are determined from that input and presented (along with the original values) in list form. As I also have a printer handy, this list can be printed at the touch of a button. Having a console to display the info would have been very useful, especially if that console enabled features such as navigation/scrolling and printing.

To help illustrate this, here's the input form (obviously not my data Smile ):
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4362]

...part of the output (scrolled down) on the display:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4363]

...and the actual text of the output:
Gender: Female
Age:    35 yr
Weight: 59.0 kg
Height: 162.6 cm
ActLvl: Active
BMI:    22.31 kg/m^2
Nrm Wt: 48.9 - 66.1 kg
Class:  Normal Weight
IBW:    54.7 kg
ABW:    N/A
LBW:    42.1 kg
BSA:    1.648 m^2
BMR:    1270 kcal
DlyCal: 2190 kcal

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