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Potential infringement of copyright
12-03-2016, 10:06 PM
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RE: Potential infringement of copyright
(12-03-2016 03:17 PM)Katie Wasserman Wrote:  ...
I don't even use that calculator -- it's too complicated for me Sad

I don't know if this issue will ever be settled here, I think it best to let it play out elsewhere on the internet and move on to other things....

I don't use these calculators either. But I considered those efforts as an interesting proof of concept. And frankly I admire all the efforts by those people, mostly Walter, Pauli and Marcus. Therefore I bought the manuals, the printed for the WP34S and the WP31S as well as the digital manual of the WP34S. All this only to show my appreciation for these activities.

It is very unfortunate that this promising project suffers so much by the odd behaviour of W.

I really understand that Dave doesn't like to deal with these situations that seem to be uncertain. But on the other hand, we should not give in to easy to those who try to impose unsettled threats on us.

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