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Potential infringement of copyright
12-03-2016, 08:09 AM
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RE: Potential infringement of copyright
(12-03-2016 05:42 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  
(12-03-2016 12:44 AM)Den Belillo (Martinez Ca.) Wrote:  I hadn't realized that Pauli was a coauthor either.

I do not consider myself a coauthor of the 34S manual. I contributed little to it beyond finding some errors and typos.

Quote:So I guess my simplified view of this project as being Marcus's algorithms, Pauli's programs, and Walter's manual is somewhat incomplete.

Broadly speaking, Marcus did the low level hardware support, some of the software features (local variables spring to mind but there were many others) and rewrote a fair portion of the inefficient/inelegant code I'd produced for the user interface. I did the bulk of the software and implemented all of the numeric functions. Marcus and I worked together on the byte scavenging, so the firmware fitted into flash. Walter wrote the manual, did the keyboard and display layouts and ensured consistency and usability of the UI.

All three of us contributed in our own way and I doubt the result would have been nearly as good without any one of us. I certainly wouldn't have come up with a consistent and usable UI by myself. Likewise, I wouldn't have done anything like as good a job on the hardware support and power management.

It also hasn't been just a three person team. Many others assisted -- the assembler, iOS port, obtaining accuracy, .... I won't try to list names here since I'm sure to miss someone. The 34S really has been a group effort by many.

I'll try a few names. I hope I can forget some, because it wasn't my job to remember them in the first place.
-Marcus did a lot of the builds and put them up on Sourceforge didn't he?
-Bit wrote several fixes IIRC, and he also found a few bugs and caught unexpected results.
-One or two of our Thomases caught a bug or two and suggested a better constant. I think it was Thomas Klem who used to help new users to the 34 and give real clear step by step instructions. He would even walk them through long hand.
-Eric Rechlin's overlays are a great addition and he'll still put them on calculators for people at the annual HHC.
Yes; all that work you guys did inspired quite a bit of help. -db
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