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Potential infringement of copyright
12-02-2016, 10:07 PM
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RE: Potential infringement of copyright
Well this is interesting. Over the years several (4ish) people have asked or demanded that I close their accounts. Generally I do nothing because if you want to stop using a forum you simply stop using a forum. And most of those people (possibly all) came back anyway. I suppose this is essentially the internet equivalent of walking out in a huff and slamming the door.

What's really odd is that the only case that I can remember where I actually acceded to the demand and banned a person (but only temporarily - which was not his demand) was a guy who holds the opposing view on the copyright status of this very same document. His request to be banned/deleted happened as the other side was questioning (to put it mildly) his interpretation of said same copyright.

So basically each time this has come up, someone from one side or the other has left in a huff. And so it remains as unresolved as ever. It certainly is a contentious document.

That other guy has been back for some time, and I've seen him online these last few days. But apparently he doesn't want to get back into this brawl again. That's probably better for his blood pressure, at least.

Anyway, renif, feel free to take a break for as long or as little as you like. But I am leaving it to you as to when/if you come back.

I'm really sorry that Paul has been put in the position he is in. I didn't realize until recently that he was the coauthor. Not wishing to cause collateral damage just adds to my reasons for keeping the thread under wraps.
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