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Potential infringement of copyright
12-02-2016, 08:52 PM
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RE: Potential infringement of copyright
Hello Den!

Needless to say, that I agree with Paul...

You wrote that
Quote:This is the third time walter or a friend has dragged us through the mud on this. The second time; FIVE members posted on this forum saying in part that there was nothing illegal with Fhub keeping an orphaned open source manual current. There was no one saying that it was illegal, or even a tort, except walter. I didn't post then but I found an essay by Cory Doctrow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on this exact subject. Through that I decided that Fhub, emecee, pascal, Guenter, Bart, and Bob were right. That was six opinions to one, if you are counting.

Let me affirm that I never have been a friend of Walter, neither do I try to judge the confrontation between him, the moderators, or some other member of the forum. Anyhow, such problems tend to become real coproductions the longer they last. Some time Walter may not the only one to blame.

I was not aware of the discussion you mention. After being an active member for years in the old forum (since 2004), lately a french speaking forum catched my attention. So, I missed out on that one. On the other hand, copyright issues crossed my way not long ago when a competitor pirated the best selling product of my small business, including thoroughly elaborated documentation. That was a hard and expensive lesson sharpening my view on such concerns. A friend of mine, a french lawyer who helped me solving the matter of copyright on documentation, shares my assessment. So, AFAIAC the question "infringement or not" is more or less answered. That's why the way Dave has managed this so far deserves my respect. Others may disagree, but at least the removal reflects the kind of integrity and style users have been getting accustomed to in the old forum.

Den, you continue
Quote:IMHO: There is NO infringement of copyright in Fhub's generous work (in which he credited walter as the original author as required by walter's copyright). Your using the word "Potential" is a red herring.

My usage of the word "Potential" aimed to achieve both: adressing a legal problem and avoiding any kind of impolite accusation at the same time. Obviously without success. The document in question is still being distributed - with your backing. And instead of at the least considering the possibility of being wrong in this special case you are accusing me of playing tricks with the forum (see "red herring"). That's not exactly the way I exspected this to be handled.

As I promised Dave to not disturb the forum in re Walter and as the whole story really starts annoying me, the time has come to leave. So, may I ask you for the deactivation of my account, please? BTW, I'm not going to withdraw any permission to reproduce programs although I had the right to do so. Wink

Thank you in advance and despite that last controversy
Best regards!
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