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169th prime x 2 = 42 limited edition?
11-20-2016, 05:29 PM
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169th prime x 2 = 42 limited edition?
Sorry for the riddle, it was just to catch your eye. As we all know by heart ;O) the 169th prime number is 1009, and 1009 x 2 = 2018. It will take just some more days than 365 to reach that year, which all green berets in this forum will recognize as the 30th anniversary of the HP42s' launch, if this rookie is right.

Who in this forum wouldn't feel moved by the attached (fake) picture? I hope you don't mind, if I ask about the odds of a prospect limited edition of this venerable model, if any.

PS: I know, I know, SM DM42s is in the works and about to be launched, but there are other threads dealing with it, so please, there is no need to mention in this one, IMHO. Thanks in advance.

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