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HP-50G Reading List
11-09-2016, 09:09 PM
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RE: HP-50G Reading List
If you're new to the HP 48/50 series, then I recommend that you don't start with the 184 page HP 50g User's Manual (on the CD and you may have received a printed copy). That document is more at the level of a Quick Start Guide. I found it impossible as a beginner with no prior RPL calculator experience.

Instead, you could start with the 887 page User's Guide (on the CD). This has more detail and it's easier to follow. But it's slow going because it tends to cover the four main interface settings (RPN mode vs. ALG mode, and soft menus vs. choose boxes).

To me, the easiest, most pleasant way to learn about these calculators is actually the (HP 48 Series User's Guide). It assumes RPN and soft menus. Just be aware that some things changed between the 48 and 50g.

Once you get hooked, you'll want to download a copy of the Advanced User's Reference Manual (or AUR for short). This contains detailed documentation on every command. The link provided is for the 49G version, which I prefer because it has PDF links to the commands in the index and the "see also" sections.

If you really want to geek out with programming, check out Programming in System RPL.
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