Poll: Which is your workflow when programming the Prime?
I program directly on the physical calculator
I use the virtual calculator to program
I use the Connectivity kit editor
I use notepad, and copy/paste constantly to the virtual calc/conn kit
I use Notepad++, and copy/paste constantly to the virtual calc/conn kit
I do something else
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Programming workflow?
11-01-2016, 02:06 PM
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RE: Programming workflow?
I use Notepad++ to edit with a custom definition file I found on hpcalc.org. It allows syntax highlighting and parameter descriptions as the code is typed. I modified the theme to look more like the dark Visual Studio theme I have installed in Notepad++. I use the Connectivity kit to transfer the file to the virtual Prime or my actual calculator for testing. I only wish we had a better debugger for the code, as the debug function on the Prime does not seem to have step over functionality, and also is kind of erratic when you are debugging applications that draw and request touch input from the screen.

[Image: Notepad_Prime.png]
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