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Programming Challenge: Find a Particular Prime Number
10-31-2016, 04:02 PM
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RE: Programming Challenge: Find a Particular Prime Number
English was excluded in Post #1 due to variations between the lesser billion & the greater billion (although one billion two hundred & seventy-one is prime both ways) & deviant usage of "and" in US & UK.

Normatively in UK "and" is inserted between hundreds & smaller numbers.

Expressions such as "eighteen hundred" are not regularly used inside larger numbers & , except for year numbers, are more for colloquial style. In counting objects the form is rarely used.

German usage is in general better standardized.

My own preference is to avoid using the b-numbers due to

1 Ambiguity amongst English speakers

2 Ignorance among all speakers.

In a survey in Vienna the majority could not read 1,345,000,222,000 as a number containing the word "Billion".

Avoiding b-numbers, I was originally happy to consider


the solution to the challenge.

As Duden recognizes b-numbers I acknowledge Thomas Okken's suggestion as preceding 883 alphabetically & a more worthy candidate to win the challenge.

I trust seekers are trying to find an alphabetically prior solution.
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