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50g: copy all stored objects to SD card individually
10-17-2016, 06:26 PM
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RE: 50g: copy all stored objects to SD card individually
(10-17-2016 04:42 PM)Claudio L. Wrote:  So it seems it still creates some lowercase SFN, unless the SFN is stored as uppercase but displayed lowercase because the lowercase flag is set?
I found another description matching our observation in a bug-report by James M. Prange for firmware 2.09:
Quote:Invalid "short filename" aliases including lower-case letters are sometimes used with "long filename" directory entries on the MMC/SD card. This doesn't seem to cause any problem on the calculator itself (the filer displays the alias in all-capitals), and MS Windows Explorer correctly displays the long filename, but
disk checking utilities such as MS ScanDisk or Norton Disk Doctor detect the errors (and optionally correct them).

When a filename doesn't meet the no-lower-case "8.3" short filename requiremnents, the system generates a valid short filename alias for the directory entry and writes the original long filename (in unicode) in "slots" above the short filename entry. For example, with a long filename of "LongFileName", a unique short filename alias of (assuming that it doesn't already exist) "LONGFI~1" should be generated, but the calculator fails to uppercase the letters, using the invalid alias "LongFi~1" instead.

But I notice that when the length of the name and extension meet the requirements and the only problems are lower-case letters, (such as in "LongName.Txt"), then a valid short filename alias with all letters upper-cased (such as LONGNAME.TXT) is generated.



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