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50g: copy all stored objects to SD card individually
10-15-2016, 12:01 PM
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RE: 50g: copy all stored objects to SD card individually
(10-14-2016 07:30 PM)DavidM Wrote:  Also, I should probably note that I'm using SysRPL for this. I'm not aware of any support it provides for manipulating the SFNs and LFNs independently when copying. If anyone knows how to achieve this with SysRPL, I'd be interested in knowing it.
I would be interested in this as well.
Quote:I originally copied the objects over with the ID names passed through without translation, but quickly discovered that my Win7x64 computer steadfastly refused to delete any of the objects that had "special" characters in the names. I didn't take the time to track down exactly which characters caused the problem, but I know that the problem went away when I started replacing the characters with the hex codes.
I haven't tried this myself yet. Did Windows (Explorer or CMD?) at least display those special characters correctly, or did it display some junk instead?

If they were displayed correctly, the calculator must have translated the LFNs to UCS-2 correctly (as there is sometimes more than one suitable character in Unicode, it would be interesting to learn about the exact translation vector used by the calculator). In this case, the problem might not be related to the LFNs, but to possibly invalid characters used by the calculator in the SFNs (not normally displayed by Explorer, but displayed with DIR /X under CMD).

If the LFNs were displayed as garbage, the calculator probably just passed the file name through untranslated (which would be okay for the SFNs, but obviously not for LFNs).

Yet another approach used by some embedded systems to save the memory for a translation table is to just replace characters above 127 by some dummy character like "_". However, in this case, Windows should have no problems to handle the files.



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