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Edit protection for fomula's in sover app
10-13-2016, 09:23 PM
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RE: Edit protection for fomula's in sover app
This would be high on my list and could be something that is pretty easy to realize.
Just have an option in the solver app to lock/unlock the equationset. Could be just a semaphore I think.
If this was in the prime would not have hesitated to get one.
Coming from the HP27S the possibility to have multiple 'solver apps' with named eqution sets is really a big step forward. But most times these equations are not the simple A+B=C/D type. Then it is pretty frustrating if you by accident lose an equation. I did not find a CTRL-Z either.

Also testdriving a HP50 which I borrowed from someone who only does basic calculations. But I get the feeling there will be no bond between us. I get lost every time and many things are not intuitive for meConfused
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