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Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
09-08-2016, 10:18 PM
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RE: Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
(09-08-2016 07:04 PM)Gene Wrote:  Sure thing!

Thank you very much.

Here is a first result: Tic-Tac-Toe. It now runs on SIZE 013, labels were renumbered to 01...08, and some slight changes were applied:

- XEQ"TTT" directly starts the initialization routine. But XEQ a resp. "Shift A", as mentioned in the manual, can be used as well.

- The original program in the Games Pac seems to have a bug, I think there is a "+" missing between line 013 and 014. This way the first move of the '67 is displayed as 0.010 000 000 instead of 2.010 000 000. This has been fixed.

- The program counts the moves (67 / user) starting at 0. I changed this so that the program starts with 1. So if you run the example from the Games Pac manual it will show the first move as 1.000 1.000 1.010.

- The print commands showing the board have been changed to VIEW + PSE which gives the user enough time to review the board, and it usually will also print if a printer is connected.

- Added feature: if the user does not enter a move (or zero or a negative one) the board is re-displayed. So if you missed the board display you can have it repeated this way.

The program now requires 240 bytes. I am sure that a thorough analysis may reduce the size further since some parts of the code are the same for the first move and for the 2nd/3rd/4th etc. The one or other improvement was already included, but I think there still is room for more of this.

As usual here is a listing and a .raw file.


.zip (Size: 1,014 bytes / Downloads: 4)
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