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Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
09-07-2016, 09:29 PM (This post was last modified: 09-07-2016 09:30 PM by Gene.)
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RE: Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
I think we should work through the code for these as was done with the One Arm Bandit.

The code for the programs to be included is essentially from the HP 41 library on the museum site here. The listings for the HP67/97 games pac and games solution books (there were two) are available here on the site.

Eight of the .raw files from the existing HP67 games rom are in this .zip file. More are coming. The code is from the rom image Angel posted here.

zip of raw games

Let's pick one and start optimizing.

1) Remove card reader functions where possible.
2) Save registers with program steps where possible.
3) Avoid CLRG if it makes sense.
4) Save bytes
5) Maybe... add limited alpha but watch the byte count

Angel, are you ok if we save some space and go through this over the next week or so ?
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