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Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
09-06-2016, 10:59 PM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2016 11:37 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
(09-06-2016 10:35 PM)RobertM Wrote:  I agree with all of your comments here. I removed the use of the I reg, and changed the random number generator to generate between 1 and 9.
Agreed. I also found only clearing 00 and 02 were needed, and I left it in the init routine (LBL e) instead of the "preamble". I changed RegA-E into R10-14. Technically, we could shave off a couple more registers, since R03 and R05 aren't used, but I left it as is, so only SIZE 015 is required.

Great. Please see my post that I seem to have written while you wrote yours. ;-)

(09-06-2016 10:35 PM)RobertM Wrote:  Love to! I've included my fully commented version in the zip.

Hmmm... I do not see any zip file. ?!?

(09-06-2016 10:35 PM)RobertM Wrote:  Love to see what you did the same/differently.

I did some similar changes and added some others (e.g. removing register A...E completely since the are only called once). But you seem to have analyzed the code more thoroughly so that even a bugfix was applied.

Maybe we can make an optimized version from the two individual ones. ;-)

(09-06-2016 10:35 PM)RobertM Wrote:  Here is a list of my changes for the "OB" version:
- added preamble
- translated 7xxx calls into 41C calls (no card reader required)
- translated A-E storage registers to 10-14, removed need for I (SIZE 015)

This can be reduced to SIZE 010, or even 009 if in my version R9 is replaced with the last unused register 03.

(09-06-2016 10:35 PM)RobertM Wrote:  - fixed bug: original program left out a multiply at line 68 (otherwise not holding
digit 1 when there are other holds will always result in a 1 being the first digit)

I knew there was something wrong but I didn't know what. #-)

EDIT: I see you now added the zip file. Let me add these remarks on OB_commented.txt:

- The init routine at LBL e sets the constants 0.11, 111 and 123. On the other hand at LBL 9 where these constants are used the comment says 0.111 and 0.123. ?!?
BTW the "1000" in R10 is never recalled, so it can be removed completely.

- The CF 3 at LBL D resets flag 3 simply because it has been set automatically when the user entered the payment (flag 3 on the 67 does the same as flag 22 on the 41, it's the data entry flag).

- Clearing all flags on startup at LBL"OB" is fine, but not required since the init routine at LBL e already does this: it calls LBL b which clears all flags.

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