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Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
09-01-2016, 01:21 PM
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RE: Raw files for these HP 67 program listings ?
Hey guys. Thanks for the help.

for these games that have to be keyed in one form or another, a re-write is great. Many thanks. Don't mind making them a bit more HP 41 friendly either.

For the vast majority of the games, I'm hoping to simply get them in the HP 67 form converted by the card reader as shown in the MoHPC HP-41C Software library. That's where the .raw files are coming from for this effort. Click below and scroll down to find the HP 67 games pac and solution book programs.

HP-41C Software Library

I am trying to only pull game programs that do not already have an equivalent in the 41CL software roms. I'm not trying to duplicate better programs that are already there or games that really make little sense today. For example, Slot Machine and Battleship are on my list to Angel, but Hangman is not. Why put a Hangman program in there that uses codes to represent the letters when there is already a great hangman program using letters available on the 41CL?

I realize that the choices I'm trying to make are probably different from those others would make. I'm merely trying to preserve in the 41CL (and emulator world) some of these HP67 era games that deserve saving (Craig Pearce's HP 67 Pinball Wizard just because of what it represented) or games for which there is no existing 41C equivalent yet.


Appreciate the help.

.raw files for any of these that have to be keyed are good!
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