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1,024 additional Registers on the CL
08-18-2016, 10:49 AM
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RE: 1,024 additional Registers on the CL
(08-17-2016 12:28 PM)Gene Wrote:  3) Think on this for a bit. Now that you have conquered the 41C data register limit, what is the best/easiest way to overcome the 319 register program limits?

I know PRWX/OSX3 have ways to execute programs in extended memory subject to some conditions, but what's the best way for a vanilla 41CL and a relatively novice 41CL user to save programs of their own into an enlarged space and execute them more or less at will? I have these ideas already:

a) The Extended memory approach above.
b) Hepax - create programs in Hepax ram and then save the Hepax page to a ram page then copy to a rom page. Plug the Hepax page in and execute your programs.

c) Some better way Angel may think about...

I'll definitely go for "b)" above. First, running stuff in X-Mem is very limited to the individual chunks of X-Mem - not across divides. Second, the OS is very picky about where X-Mem can be located, and the locations are hard-coded, so forget about using the upper RAM blocks...

HEPAX is your best friend here!
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