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1,024 additional Registers on the CL
08-07-2016, 08:25 PM
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RE: 1,024 additional Registers on the CL
(08-07-2016 06:58 AM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Might it be easier to implement new commands that access these registers indirectly instead?

XISTO, XIRCL, XI<> or shorter would be XIST, XIRC and XI<>

Naah, if we're going to do it we might get it done with all the glory details..

So it's done (been a *very* long day!) - not only the IND feature but also the eight (4 for XSTO and 4 for XRCL) arithmetic functions (which also have IND of course).

In RUN mode simply use the SHIFT key and +,-,*,/ keys.
You can move from XSTO to XRCL (or XXM<>) by pressing the STO/RCL/SST keys.
Pressing the EEX key adds the thousands digit, for registers 1,000 to 1,023.

Rewriting standard programs to use the expanded registers is now very easy:

1. - enter the function in the program, ignoring the prompt.
2. - enter the index as next line after the extended-reg function.
3. - add 1,024 to the index value for indirect registers.

Next is to make step#2 above automated, so the prompt will be entered as the next line for you.

Get ready!
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