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DM42L release date and specs???
09-24-2016, 09:58 PM
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RE: DM42P release date and specs???
(09-23-2016 05:35 PM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  I 'NEEEEEED" a yellow shift key! And I "need" that calc!!! Always said the HP42 would have reigned supreme with a clock function similar to the 41 but at least it has a clock!


Meant to ask at the conference, is the clock simply an adjunct to the machine or is it integrated into it with functions similar to the 41?



Sorry Ge-off,

the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar most probably will not enable you to save enough money in your life time to purchase this precious item.

BTW, I just returned from Colorado, after some strenuous days in the Rocky Mountains National Park. Boy, I'm really exhausted from hiking at 3600m.

Yellow, orange? Nada, it has to be golden, just to show the progress this calculator provides.

As I'm not at all part of the development, I can't answer questions myself. But I will collect the questions and forward them to Michael. He is not reading this forum on a regular basis, working on the hard- and software night and day Smile

But for now I need some rest, take care of my family, enjoy the weekend, in short - arrive at home Smile

Will be back later

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