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HP 50g & SD Cards: Performance, Format, Notes
08-09-2016, 12:43 PM
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RE: HP 50g & SD Cards: Performance, Format, Notes

I'm sitting here at my iMac with my partitioned 2GB SD card and 50g. In the Terminal, I type the following command to get details on the 32MB SD card partition I created on my 2GB card yesterday:

diskutil info /Volumes/SD32MB

The Terminal then lists the following information:

File System Personality: MS-DOS FAT16
Type (Bundle): msdos
Name (User Visible): MS-DOS (FAT16)

Partition Type: DOS_FAT_16
OS Can Be Installed: No

Total Size: 32.0 MB (32002048 Bytes) (exactly 62504 512-Byte-Units)
Volume Free Space: 31.9 MB (31909888 Bytes) (exactly 62324 512-Byte-Units)
Device Block Size: 512 Bytes
Allocation Block Size: 2048 Bytes

You have been speaking about "clusters" but I think we need to define our terms. From what I understand, "Device Block Size" is something hardware related that I cannot alter, while "Allocation Block Size" is, I think, the "cluster size" you are speaking about. If so, as you can see, it already is at 2k.

Would this mean that it is unlikely we will get an ON-time faster than 500ms? Or will your newRPL eventually yield faster ON times?

Thank you.
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