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[CAS] Problems with increased powers of polynomials (coeffn*x^n±c2*x^2±c1*x^1±c0*x^0)
07-03-2016, 07:57 PM (This post was last modified: 07-06-2016 03:25 AM by compsystems.)
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in this case if it works.


4a: [FLags] Output Simplify: None. Increasing: OFF (coeffn*x^n ±c2*x^2 ±c1*x^1 ±c0*x^0)
factor(a^3-b^3) => (a^0-b)*(a^2+a^1*b+a^0*b^2) OK

4b: [FLags] Output Simplify: None. Increasing: ON (±c0*x^0 ±c1*x^1 ±c2*x^2 ±coeffn*x^n)
factor(a^3-b^3) => (-b+a^0)*(a^0*b^2+a^1*b+a^2) ~OK

I think or considering, that the factor (a-b) agree to variable increment.

factor(a^3-b^3) => (a^0-b)*(a^0*b^2+a^1*b+a^2) OK
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