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A new HP-67 Simulator for the iPhone
05-10-2016, 07:20 PM
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RE: A new HP-67 Simulator for the iPhone
(05-07-2016 01:17 PM)Willy R. Kunz Wrote:  
(05-06-2016 07:37 PM)Gerson W. Barbosa Wrote:  I know the HP-67 had not constant memory and FIX 2 was the initial display mode, but it's annoying to manually changing to FIX 9 (ok, just two keystrokes, DSP 9, but annoying just the same). Would it be possible to save the display mode?

Not sure what you mean here. RPN-67 SD saves the display mode automatically, except in vintage mode, of course. Additionally, in any mode, loading a program from a card sets up the calculator to whatever is appropriate for the program. This includes the display mode, the "trig mode" (deg, rad, grad) and the flags F0..F3. Just like the real HP-67.

Then I was using the Vintage mode only and had not noticed the display behavior in other modes, sorry! The updated version is fine, thanks!

If Vintage mode is meant to be as faithful as possible, perhaps you would like to know that X is not saved in last X for arguments equal to 0 or -1 for SIN⁻¹, COS⁻¹ and TAN⁻¹, according to the manual addendum (I don't have a real HP-67 to check this out). A minor trigonometric bug is also mentioned, but this should should better be ignored for ever.

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