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[WP 34S] Enhanced Y register display: fractions, bugfixes etc.
02-04-2014, 10:29 AM
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RE: [WP 34S] Enhanced Y register display: fractions, bugfixes etc.
The 34S uses all available character codes, however there is the possibility of implementing the status displays not using character codes or using the proposed escape character (for extra character positions). My comment above is a possibility to display the shift key status, the complex indicator and the right arrow in fewer pixels by not relying on characters for graphics. As the 34S stands, there aren't character slots available for anything extra. This is a dangerous door to open of course but it might result in a viable Y register display.

I'd really like to see an ultimate 31S non-programmable calculator. Taking out programming, would leave some amount of flash for extra commands if the effort is made to sensibly remove dead code (which isn't just removing commands, many internal commands rely on programmability). We'd lose binary compatibility but how much better could we do than the 34S once programmability is gone? I suspect quite a bit -- the 34S was always intended as a high end RPN programmable (which I believe it has achieved and exceeded).

I doubt we can do much better for a programmable RPN device than the 34S, at least within the 30b hardware. I wish I could have a stab at the WP-35S howeever. A decent display, lots of RAM and a nice keyboard. The 35S is lacking ROM space but that can be worked with given sufficient effort.

- Pauli
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