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ILPer v2.2 + update of Virtual HP-IL devices
04-19-2016, 05:23 PM
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ILPer v2.2 + update of Virtual HP-IL devices
Hello together,

a new version of ILPer is available at

Primary ILPer v2.2 is the result of refactoring the complete source code. Using a base class, all instruments now use the same source code file for decoding the HP-IL frames. This makes software maintenance and even creating new instruments much easier. The method implementing threads has been changed too. The restriction for member variables and methods to be in the public area of a class for access inside the thread function has gone.

Behind all these source code changes ILPer got some improvements:
  • Instruments can removed from the internal loop now. To do this set the "LoopPos" setting of the instruments you want to remove to 0. But just remember, in ILPer v2.0 and v2.1 a "LoopPos" 0 setting inserted an instrument first in the loop.
  • No baud rate setting for the PIL-Box any more.
  • Improved PIL-Box transfer speed at 115200 baud when PIL-Box working in device mode.
  • Added 230400 baud support for next PIL-Box generation with firmware 2.1.
  • The printer output speed was significantly improved by factor 10 to 30.
  • In most cases the printer and scope window show one more line.
  • The DOSLINK GUI interface has a new button. "C" close opened in- and out-files like the HP-IL command CLEAR :LOOP or CLEAR :DOSLINK do.
  • Bugfix in the physical drive settings of disk1. With ILPer v2.x overwriting the physical dimension settings of disk1 was not possible. This took only effect when you initialized a disk in disk drive1 with a HP71 or a HP75. The virtual disk size remained to the default size of disk drive1.

Along with the refactoring of ILPer all other Virtual HP-IL programs have been refactored too.
  • ILCtrl v1.13
  • ILDoslink v1.03
  • ILper v2.2
  • ILPilbox v1.62
  • ILScope v1.52
  • ILVideo v1.32
  • ILVideo80 v1.22

I also made an update of Lifls in the PC Utilities section. v0.03 and prior may not show the complete LIF directory. Parsing stopped on directory entries completely filled with zero.
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