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HP-10BII+ One more to my collection
04-13-2016, 06:00 PM
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RE: HP-10BII+ One more to my collection

(04-13-2016 05:42 PM)jebem Wrote:  1. I must be one of the last persons here to get one of these.

2. This is a blinding fast machine for such a low end entry priced calculator!

1. I don't have one yet. Not really interested in LCD stuff anyway. Briefly thought about buying one as consolation for the red-dot-HP-35 that I missed on German eBay a couple of days ago. But it wouldn't have eased the pain and feeling of loss, after all, I was the high bidder till a few seconds to the end when my bid was more than triplicated ... and I had already thought that I had bid a crazy amount...

2. I will never understand what's this obsession with "speed". Any electronic calculator, even the oldest one in my collection, can calculate faster than I am able to key in the numbers and write down the results. Even the ones that take a second to compute a sine. By the time I have undone the cap of my fountain pen the result is ready to be written down. With programmable calculators I can understand - to a degree - why speed can matter. But a simple non-programmable one?
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