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Thoughts on the Andro1xC simulators?
03-28-2016, 07:57 PM
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Thoughts on the Andro1xC simulators?
Haven't found a lot in the Forums discussing this excellent work.

Since Olivier de Smet does not seem to be supporting most of his Android emulators anymore, in particular the Voyageur series, I have been keen for alternatives and think I have found them in Andro11c, Andro12c, and Andro15c.

There are free versions of these but I have found it well worth it to spend the modest amount to get the paid versions which look better and have added features, including the very important ability to save and load program memory.

The are actually simulators as opposed to emulators, but as they are written in JavaScript they run more slowly in "fast" mode than, say, Free42, which is in C++. But they look great, are easy to use accurately with an adequate size screen (I have a Galaxy S6 edge+), and in for the most part faithfully mimic the function of the originals. They compute everything to double precision, which makes for more accurate programs. They are being actively supported by the developer, who maintains a Facebook page and seems keen to respond to inquiries regarding bugs and suggested improvements.

Free42 by far and away remains my favourite simulation of an HP keystroke programmable, with its huge capabilities, cross-platform implementation, insane speed, numerous ways to get HP41 and HP42 programs into the app thanks to easy-to-use utilities to compile RAW files from text listings and vice versa, and of course Thomas Okken's ongoing commitment to the project over a decade later. But as one fascinated with the Voyageurs for nostalgic reasons I really think that the Andro1xC series (and its analogues for iOS) are pretty sweet. If Olivier's goXX apps fall into non-function with future Android updates, the Andro1xC series may be the best that's left.

Any thoughts on or experiences with these apps?


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