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Trigonometric Functions for the HP-38C/HP-12C
07-12-2017, 09:25 PM
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RE: Trigonometric Functions for the HP-38C/HP-12C
Here's the program for this simulator adapted to run on the 12C. Since the regular 12C doesn't have the x^2 function, whenever it's called, I use GTO ###, where ### is a register at the end of the program leading the sequence (2, y^x, GTO %%%) where %%% sends it back to the line after GTO ###. This is done to preserve the correct references for the rest of the GTO functions throughout the program--if I had entered (2, y^x) in place of (y^2) directly into the code, the extra step would have thrown all of the references off.

I also included the program for the solution you wrote the year before for the regular 12C. ( Since the current simulator has extra registers, I was able to append an initialization routine to load the constants, similar to what's done in the program above. This one works fairly well while the one above has problems. To load the constants just enter (g GTO 101, R/S).
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