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It's alive, the franken41
03-05-2016, 02:05 AM
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It's alive, the franken41
Very ugly in it's beauty, and back from the dead

A TAS 41C that was sooo much worse than words described; vivisection revealed a halfnut with all posts broken, half the back screws missing (no posts to screw into), one screw having penetrated the front (long screw in short hole), heavy corrosion on the flex connector and the flex connector block superglued in place as the back screw pads were broken for the top screws, no side/battery/port covers, trim bezel fubar, no rubber pads over the screw holes.

Really little more then then a display, motherboard, and keyboard; barely clinging to life and on the organ donor list.

The revival took several hours using epoxy putty, o-rings, and superglue. Replaced flex connector (shout out to Diego!), trim bezel, screws, rubber pads, rebuilt front and back case, 3-D printed all covers. The spark of life provided by a 3-D printed battery housing a LiPO battery with a 5V boost circuit (the prototype works).

Now to see how well it rampages!
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