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Speed of the hp calculators family
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RE: Speed of the hp calculators family
(03-01-2016 10:25 PM)Tugdual Wrote:  I see that the 50g is assembly while the Prime is formula and list (whatever this means). I think you need to compare aple with aple to make a call cuz I can't believe the Prime is slower than the 50g.
This being said, speed is one thing but knowing your way is more important.

The HP Prime CPU runs at 400 MHz, versus 192 MHz on the assembly benchmark for the 50g. The CPU on the prime could in theory run the exact same assembly code in roughly half the time.
But the key word is "could", because in reality it "can't", by being a very closed system. So the benchmark is actually quite accurate: you CAN use the 50g in C or assembly and get that kind of performance to solve N-Queens and many other problems. On the Prime you are limited to the interpreted language, which performs as shown on the list.
If they only made the Prime a little more open it would certainly take the throne, but "as-is" is not the fastest of the bunch.
Lots of respect to Xerxes for compiling that list, it's probably the most complete benchmark for calculators you can find on the internet.
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