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Best calculator for the working engineer
07-24-2016, 05:01 PM
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RE: Best calculator for the working engineer
(07-09-2016 02:13 PM)Logan Wrote:  Second, I also was trying to solve an equation last night with the result "Bad Guess" and it wouldn't solve.

"Bad Guess" appears if at least one of the two guesses (yes, there are two) is an invalid number for Solve, e.g. a complex number or a vector. On the other hand you can enter guesses where the function is not even defined.

(07-09-2016 02:13 PM)Logan Wrote:  After trying a bunch of things (all variables were cleared, stack was cleared, X-register input was close to the correct value etc.), it still wouldn't work. Entered the exact same equation on the line below and it solved it right away. Tried it with the original again (not changing anything) and it solved it too.

Again this sounds like there was an invalid value stored in the variable you solved for. Remember: you always enter TWO guesses! That's the one in stack register X and the one in the variable you solve for.

Enter the equation A*A=2.
Now store a vector or a complex number in A, e.g. 1 i 2 STO A.
Try to solve for A while using 1,4 as the second guess.


Now enter two valid guesses:
First guess: 1 STO A
Second guess: 2
SOLVE A => A=1,41421356237

In your case, once the equation has been solved successfully, the variable holds the solution. Any subsequent SOLVE then runs the solver with the solution and the value in X as the two initial guesses. Since the former directly solves the equation, the result is returned immediately.

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