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Best calculator for the working engineer
07-05-2016, 11:02 PM
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RE: Best calculator for the working engineer
(07-05-2016 10:00 PM)Ron Ross Wrote:  The Hp 48G has the exact same lower portion keyboard (and keyboard construction) as the Hp 42s, aside from RPL vs RPN (but you would get that comparison from the Hp 48G vs the Hp 35s anyway.

The 48G and 42S keyboard layouts are similar, but absolutely *not* exactly the same. Perhaps Ron is referring to the double-size ENTER key being in the same classic-HP location, but many of the functions are in different places and the 42S does not include many of the 48G functions. Keyboard construction is also similar, though again not exactly the same, but both do have that quality HP feel.

The difference between RPL and RPN is a far bigger difference - Suggest you read some of the many articles here which compares and contrasts the 2 styles. Fundamentally, RPN is keystroke programming, where a program is a collection of the exact keystrokes you would use to manually do a calculation, whereas RPL is a full programming language. RPL has a much steeper learning curve, though the trade-off is it is also far more powerful and flexible. In addition, the 48G has a much larger set of built-in functions, a flexible solver, unit management, matrices, complex number support, etc.

--Bob Prosperi
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