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Best calculator for the working engineer
02-24-2016, 12:54 PM
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RE: Best calculator for the working engineer
I expect you'll use a calculator a lot less once you graduate.

A 15C clone has almost everything you'd want for typical quick calculations, all present on the keys without menu diving or typing in function names. Try one of the emulators. Hyperbolics, polar/radian, and some statistics functions are right on the keys. It can do complex and matrices, but a 50g would be better for those. The usability of the 15C complex functions are better than many other calculators, though.

A 50g is great for unit conversions. Choose this if you expect units to be an important part of your life. It has fewer pure math functions present right on the keys, requiring more menu diving. But then it has a zillion more functions total.
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