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HP 50g on Amazon for only $47.99
01-30-2016, 06:43 PM
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RE: HP 50g on Amazon for only $47.99
(01-28-2016 08:10 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  They've had this same price, off and on, for over a month. I got one and it arrived in sealed, perfect condition. I've just set it aside, but I'm tempted to open it to verify LCD and keyboard, as I've read that several folks got bad units in these super-cheap deals. While it's very unlikely the case that it is bad, it's probably good to verify, since in truth I really won't sell it anyhow, so the only person to consider it "worth less due to open pkg" is me.

Where did you read this ? There are nearly 700 reviews on Amazon, including many in the last few months, and I cannot find any mention of these problems. About the only reason I can see to open the package is to remove the AAA alkaline batteries before they get old and start leaking. I have no intention of reselling it either, so my only reason to leave it in the package is to protect it until the day arrives when the other units malfunction and need to be replaced.
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