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HP 50g - How to log and edit RPN expression entry?
01-17-2016, 03:49 PM
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RE: HP 50g - How to log and edit RPN expression entry?
(01-17-2016 03:46 AM)jimbo1qaz Wrote:  I never knew the TI-84+ had a manual, and I don't like the thought of slogging through it. I figured everything out through trial and error, and Googling. Why would HP calculators need a manual to use effectively? ... Either it's more difficult to relearn how to use a calculator, than to learn it initially. Or HPs are just less intuitive or easy-to-use.

Also, the 50g is more sophisticated and complex than the 84+ (CAS, units, ARM, etc.), though unfortunately not much faster (in my experience).

What's the difference between the 50g manual, and the guide? The guide is longer.

Perhaps if you trial/error and google with the 50g as long as you did with the TI84, you'll learn as much, but expecting to effectively use a machine with literally thousands of functions that way isn't reasonable. With power comes the need to learn to use it well.

I agree with Marcio the Prime may have been a better choice (for easier transition) but since you already bought a 50g, we're trying to give you advice on how best to accomplish what you want. Both manuals are useful, but much of the material in both of them is reference (to look up how to use specific functions for specific applications), so one would not need to read them all the way through. Since you can freely download them, I suggest you get copies of both and peruse the contents, I think it will be fairly obvious which parts you will need to use.

Regarding performance, I believe you will find the 50g notably faster when running programs (vs. real-time response) however I honestly can't be sure as I've not done much programming on the TI84.

Good luck with learning the 50g, I think you will be impressed with it's capabilities if you have the patience to work through the transition.

--Bob Prosperi
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