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Weird high tech problem
01-12-2016, 12:45 AM
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Weird high tech problem
Bought a new 75" Sony 1080P TV. Everything was fine till I got in the setup menu and got it to download a software update, which it did just fine.

Then, next day (did software update at bedtime, didn;t want to lose any valuable TV watching time on a new TV) no internet. Didn't really think too much about it, I'm in a remote, trackless waste, and a call to the internet guy, who suggested unplugging the router, and all was well again.

For an hour, then no internet.

Reset again, internet for 10 minutes.

Oh, getting worse !!

Anyhow, spent all weekend unplugging the damn router and then having internet for random lengths of time, seconds to an hour or so. For some reason, decided the new TV and software download preceded the problem rather suspiciously, so I went in the TV menu and turned off the bluetooth setting.

Internet has been fine all day!

Not that big a deal I suppose, every 4 months or so I'll update software on TV, rest of the time leave it off. Don't like internet features on TV anyhow.

Just thought I'd post this, might be an issue for others, and it occurs to me, if someone in an apartment building or not a rural area like here, it might be an issue if the neighbors bought a new TV and messed up someone elses internet.

Not sure what the 'actual' problem is, interference, of TV sucking up all the bytes, or what, and it doesn't really matter to me. Just annoying as anything till I figured it out.

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