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New member intro, great price on the 50g
12-14-2015, 02:54 AM
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RE: New member intro, great price on the 50g
I really loved the old 48 series. My first one was a 48s in college in the early 90's. The 48 I have now came from ebay. Unfortunately it only lasted about a week before it died. I knew the Prime was more geared for the educational market but didn't know it was that limited in RPN capabilities. I thought that since it does do RPN it was the same as the 50g in RPN functionality. Thanks for the information. It makes me even more glad I got the 50's.

On a side note, my occupation is land surveying and civil engineering. I am looking forward to programming the 50 for surveying. Not long ago I just finished programming my 35s for surveying. I spent about 25 hours total on it. I left the calculator in the office during some vacation time. When I returned the office manager told me she borrowed it. She wanted to make sure the memory was clear so it wouldn't 'mess up' her calculations. She couldn't figure out how to clear the top row and .... you know where this is headed. Yep, cleared memory, all my programming gone forever. My heart sunk. I haven't even started back on it again, but need to. Needless to say I'm not going to leave it sitting on my desk unattended again!
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