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Is the 12C SDK still available?
11-22-2015, 06:49 PM
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RE: Is the 12C SDK still available?
(11-22-2015 06:10 PM)Katie Wasserman Wrote:  Yeah, it might be misleading. I need to look at it the next time I'm in Staples to see what the latest production run looks like (if they have it on display).

Thanks for confirming that. Have you found a source of the USB version of the cable with the (JTAG?) connector?

Regarding the label, it's as I guessed. Unfortunately, in the retail store, there are no pkgs to open (not that one should do so anyhow...) and the blivet (that's what we always called the non-functioning mock-up samples used in some retail shops, like Staples) is very likely not updated for new production; as you said, it was intended to silently refill shelves with no fanfare. Even the HP Website has not been updated to show the "new" design with 2 batteries - and they've had many years to do that. Makes sense I guess, it's likely best overall to provide the impression that the venerable and trusted 12C design is still just-exactly-as-it-was all along.

It was noted at HHC that there is some small detail on the retail pkg which identifies the new models, I will follow-up to find out what that is, to be sure when checking a new one.


--Bob Prosperi
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