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Is the 12C SDK still available?
11-22-2015, 10:12 AM
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RE: Is the 12C SDK still available?
(11-22-2015 06:31 AM)Katie Wasserman Wrote:  
Quote:Do you know this variant's MPN (if different from F2230A) and since when it is in circulation?

I don't know if the MPN has changed. The version with the SAM4L chip was likely released sometime earlier this year, maybe in the March/April time frame. Firmware has changed, of course, to support the new chip.

Thank you so much for your excellent insight information, Katie!

Do you know if this new March/April-2015 HP-12C ATSAM4LC2C based calculator uses just one CR2032 battery cell?

I ask this because assuming that the 2015 HP official adverts are correct (and I have no reason to tell otherwise), they show just two 12C current models:
- HP-12C
- HP-12C Platinum
And both are advertised in the text and in the pictures as using just one single CR2032 battery cell.

Using a single battery cell instead of paralleling two cells make sense to me for several reasons:
1.- Lower production and operation costs;
2.- From electrical point of view, paralleling batteries can result in sub-optimal operation;
3.- The new ATSAM4LC2C SoC is much less power hungry than the previous AT91SAM7L128 generation, while it can run at a faster raw clock speed, allowing to use just one battery cell and most probably enjoy the same autonomy.
- AT91SAM7L128 = 30mA@38MHz (please see page 2)
- ATSAM4LC2C = 14.69mA@48MHz (worst case scenario, please see page 49)

It seems that in this case, not only HP is doing a fine job by offering the excellent proved 12C algorithms to their customers since 1981, but it is also faster updating it with more efficient and up to date SoC h/w platforms than any other people responsible/wiling/able-to/with-the-inside-knowledge (chose as appropriate) to maintain the public domain forums and repositories (like Wikipedia) with up to date information!

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