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HP35s: unexpected behaviour with LASTx
11-20-2015, 07:58 PM
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RE: HP35s: unexpected behaviour with LASTx
Hello Dieter,

AFAIK this behaviour complies with the description found in appendix B.6 of the user's guide (page 306 in the PDF file):

Quote:The Status of the LAST X Register
The following operations save x in the LAST X register in RPN mode:
+, –, × , ÷

followed by a list of mathematical and conversion functions, but not including [pi]. That gives no explanation why [e] does save x whereas [pi] does not. Perhaps [pi] behaves in a different way, because it's invoked as a keystroke function (not included in the list above) in contrast to the other constants invoked from within the CONST menu and pushed to the stack just like any normal number typed in via the keyboard.
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