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Using a meter other than a 3468A with HP-IL?
11-09-2015, 06:17 PM
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Using a meter other than a 3468A with HP-IL?
I am making a portable test station using a 3468A meter, a 41 and my HP-IL printer. Currently the plan is to put all the equipment, except the multimeter, in a pelican style case. To make things more portable, it would be better if I could ditch the meter and just use a small panel meter inside the case to sample voltages.

Is there a way to get other voltmeters to talk with the 41 over HP-IL?

I have a 82166 Converter and a 82164A RS-232 interface that I could use to get data into my 41 if I can get the panel meter output something useful for the 41.

Boring background to explain why I am asking the question:

I recently bought an HP 3468A with some helpful input from folks here: Thank you, it helped me to pick a reliable unit that I am very happy with. Being able to automate measurements and process them on my 41 is very handy (and fun to have the old 41 do new -to me- tricks).

My first project with the voltmeter is a test procedure for testing oxygen sensors (cells) in a rebreather. Scuba diving can be away from civilization for an extended period of time so a portable device to test the cells will be useful.

The basic concept is that cell output in mili-volts is measured in oxygen at 1 atmosphere: From that, expected mili-volts are calculated and compared to actual cell outputs in .21 to 2.00 ata of O2 using a pressure pot pressurized up to 1 atmosphere (2 atmospheres absolute).

The rebreather holds 5 cells and I take measurements of each cell at 7 different partial pressures of O2. This checks that the cells are responding correctly in the range they will be used and can show cells that are about to reach the end of their useful life.

I've written a 41 program that creates a data file from the test and am about 50% complete on a program that reads the data file and prints out a report for each cell. This will be far superior to my current procedure where I record data by hand and then enter it into a spreadsheet for a report.

I usually reside in the shallow end of the pool when electronics are involved and this is a little deeper than I can handle without some direction. If it is relatively easy to incorporate measurements from a modern meter it would be worth it to me to get everything in one package.


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