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HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
11-04-2015, 06:08 PM (This post was last modified: 11-04-2015 06:29 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
(11-04-2015 05:17 PM)peacecalc Wrote:  Hello vtile,

{[a,b] [c,d] [e,f]} {[g,h] [i,j] [k,l]} - you get { [a-g,b-h] [c-i,d-j] [e-k,f-l]} But the lists must have same size.

{[a,b] [c,d] [e,f]} {[g,h] [i,j] [k,l]} + you get {[a,b] [c,d] [e,f] [g,h] [i,j] [k,l]}
{[a,b] [c,d] [e,f]} {[g,h] [i,j] [k,l]} ADD you get { [a+g,b+h] [c+i,d+j] [e+k,f+l]}
{[a,b] [c,d] [e,f]} {[g,h] [i,j] [k,l]} DOT you get { a*g+b*h c*i+d*j } and for 3D vectors it works in the same way for CROSS, too.

That's fine, isn't it, and I hope I answered your question,too.

Unfortunately no Sad I'm making atm. a parallel E-series resistor finder and only thing I haven't managed to solve is how to store the pairs found in decent manner while going through the solutions. This at in UserRPL. Best solution I have found so far (while not tested it inside the program, it seems to work manually) is the doing a empty list object {} named 'TEST' as global and then

: A B 2 ->Arry
: +
: C D 2 ->Arry
: +

TEST = {[A B] [C D]}

Still even that seems need to loading the whole variable TEST to stack adding the new object to it and storing it back to its name..

OK.. I think I solved this, while typing the answer for you post, thx. Smile I have been misreading the STO+ commands description (the AUM with links is 100x faster than static one). STO+ do what I'm after, but not in the way the description might give reason to believe. STO- seems not to work (not figured out yet how it works is more correct) atleast it isn't reversed STO+ with same object types involved.
Quote:Using STO+ to add two arrays (where obj is an array and name is the global name of an array) requires less memory than using the stack to add them.
Need some more testing with all data types it seems, but atleast this is somewhat decent solution for problem in hand.

If object test have a list as TEST = {[A B] [C D]} Then:
[8 8]
=> TEST = {[8 8] [A B] [C D]}

Next thing is to test it with pure Arroys, but it might turn to typical adding machine instead of append command.

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