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HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
11-03-2015, 01:40 PM
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RE: HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
Hello Vtile,

I don't know where your problem exactly is:

Quote:Why is that RPL (Reverse Polish Lisp) is not RPN (Reverse Polish Notation = arguments before commands) programming, in sense that arguments are given before commands and there is atleast two accumulators where the "data" is "loaded" before execution.

The question "Why" can only answered by developers of the family 48/49/50. They intended that programming language and found it useful for "future user" (meant in the times of the beginning of the product family).

From LISP comes the abilities for working with lists and from RPN you get the abilities working with a stack. But some structure are not as consequent as expected:

For instance the IF THEN ELSE END construct:

<< 1, IF THEN 2, ELSE 3, END >> will result 2, after evaluation same result when you use << IF 1, THEN 2, ELSE 3, END >>

That is dued to rules for high level languages. The IF works like a function so the boolean (happy birthday 200 years yesterday) evaluation can be done afterwards IF or before (like RPN).

And at last a little tip:

For bigger programming projects avoid using stack-commands, the programs are very hard to understand some times later (or for other persons).

And of course there are actually less questions (and answers) about the hp 50g,
because that machine exist some years. But the people who are new with that machine have to do some hard work nearly 1600 pages of handbooks. And an enormous treasure of knowledge of experienced user. It is a treasure you have to search for some places same as a lot of users and I do: hpmuseum, hpcalc, comp.sys.hp48 and last not least: hp own's site mobiles and handhelds concerning

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