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HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
11-02-2015, 02:48 PM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2015 03:10 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: HP50g forums / community is there such alive?
(11-02-2015 02:06 PM)Jake Schwartz Wrote:  
(11-02-2015 01:54 PM)Vtile Wrote:  I challenge the owners of the 50g to go trough the HP48II, HP49g, HP50g program list and test which one works (at least which doesn't corrupt the memory at start) in HP50g with latest ROM and generate a list of such programs. As a new user now and especially a year ago, I must say it is a bit of a leap to try out a program that is informed to work in HP48II/HP49/50 (with desciption indicating it actually is written to 48 and listed 10+ years ago) without any knowledge of the internal differences of devices.

This is classic....a new user comes along and broadcasts disappointment that things aren't the way he/she expects them to be and then thinks that the community owes it to him/her to change things. <At least that is how I read the words...>
I think your reply is a pretty classic also. Tongue The user communities are doing a lot of work (for free) that actually belongs to HP (or other manufacturers in their own circles).
I can shut up.
(11-02-2015 02:06 PM)Jake Schwartz Wrote:  This is a "volunteer-powered" activity. If you think something should be different or improved, then please show us how by volunteering to make it better in your eyes, rather than to protest that it doesn't fit your needs the way it is. I feel that the best way to convince people that your suggestion is an improvement would be to show how it is done.

I already did something, I lifted the topic to the table.

I actually just noticed that the is actually a part of some business or other way around.
I also give a tip that have webchat client that doesn't reguire any use of 3rd party IRC client: Some younger generations might never heard of IRC btw. <- For Eric.
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