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HP50g : Symbolic solver oddities or user errors?
10-29-2015, 12:10 PM (This post was last modified: 10-29-2015 04:05 PM by Vtile.)
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HP50g : Symbolic solver oddities or user errors?

I'm relatively new for HP calculators, I have had a year now this HP50g and I have formed so deep hate & love relationship to it. Smile Upgrated from TI-83+ to finally have a calc that have strong CAS, integral transformations, complex numbers and solver (I blame Matlab and Maple) to make my life easier .. yeah sure .. when now reseated myself in the school bench again with some odd years without higher math involved Smile

Recent problem is the symbolic solver, it is pretty counter intuitive to use with all the needed flag settings etc.

First problem I had a while ago were now forgotten function in form more or less a simplistic a^(x^-1)=b giving some odd error. The solution for that were that the equation needed to be evaluated first with the eval command in approx turned off in CAS submenu in MODE. Simple solution were to make a small userPRL program to handle these tasks. Anyways something pretty basic logarithmic with evill decimal numbers that other calcs were eating without any hickups

Yesterday while doing another UserRPL program for totally different task I managed to make something wrong and the 50g tilted and asked if I want to "try to save the memory" or something similar, after that the solver had gone haywire ie. it didn't give a solutions just a empty curly pracess {}. A two hours ago today I made a reset button reset, F1+F6+ON reset and taking all five batteries out and leaving it sitting for a while, it seems it did reset finally.

Now the simple equations work, but when I did throw some random stuff I found out it does not solve them in fully ie. for random equation (x^3)*1=(x-2)/(2+x^2) it only solves the real solution, even if the calculator is in complex mode. In fact there is text "Unable to factor" popping in the top part of the screen for a split of the second. My CASIO-classpad2 (which were totally wrong purchase) gives the imaginary solutions without hickups while complex mode is turned on and so does the wolfram alpha it seems.^2%29

What is wrong with the HP50g and what all flags should be turned in which way to give the solver as much power to make symbolic calculuss as possible? Any ideas current situation is really pita since I lost confidence to my HP50g until I sort this out.

PS. The "Registration question" for this page 500 30 + ... do not work in my hp50g assuming "roll down" is down arrow in RPN mode.

PPS. I'm using SOLVE -command in RPN mode, it seems it doesn't matter which way I access to it (S.Solver menu or UserRPL.
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