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(35S) Statistical Distributions Functions
11-19-2015, 01:00 PM
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RE: HP 35s Statistical Distributions Functions
(11-19-2015 09:24 AM)Gerald H Wrote:  Could you, Dieter, please include a pdf file of the latest programmes in human readable form to enter on the calculator?

The current programs have been developed on HP's 35s emulator so that they can be run by simply loading the posted *.ep file into the emulator.

These programs have between 900 and 1000 lines of code. At the moment I do not know of a way to get them out of the emulator, i.e. all I could do is copy every single line by hand. If someone knows a way to transform an .ep emulator file into a readable listing, please let me know.

On the other hand you anyway would have to enter the programs into your 35s manually, line by line. Does it really make much of a difference if this is done with a PDF listing or by stepping through the programs on the emulator?

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