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(35S) Statistical Distributions Functions
10-30-2015, 01:56 PM
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RE: HP 35s Statistical Distributions Functions
(10-30-2015 02:36 AM)PedroLeiva Wrote:  Dear Dieter, this is your t Student program. When I tryed with Thomas examples it works perfect, and the same when I try again with HP Stat Pack.

There is room for improvement. I am working on an integrated solution that contains Normal, Chi² and Student's t distribution and calculates PDFs, CDFs and their inverses, the latter with a much improved initial guess. The F case is a bit more complicated, but I'll see.

BTW: quoting the whole previous post really is not required. If everyone would do so, the messages got longer and longer and longer as the thread continues and you would have to scroll down for a while until you find the new content. So when replying, you should simply delete everything that you do not directly refer to.

BTW2: do you have the 35s emulator? In this case I could send an .ep file that you can load into the emulator directly. This way you would not have to enter a few hundred lines of code.

BTW3: does someone know if there is a way to produce a listing or something similar from programs inside the 35s emulator?

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