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(35S) Statistical Distributions Functions
10-27-2015, 07:32 PM
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RE: HP 35s Statistical Distributions Functions
(10-27-2015 05:22 PM)PedroLeiva Wrote:  Something is not working well. When I run the routine I (XEQ I ENTER), with a 1E-6 E value in register E, the program do not stop integration!

The 1E–6 error threshold in E is irrelevant for the integration routine. The 35s "Integrate" function stops if the result is correct to display precision. You probably have set your 35s to ALL display mode, or maybe FIX 9 or SCI 9, so the 35s calculates the integral until is thinks it has all (!) 12 digits (resp. 9) correct. This will take some time. Solution: simply set something like FIX 4 or FIX 6 (you may add this step to the program right before the Integrate command), so you get 4 resp. 6 correct decimals.

BTW, at the moment I am looking at an 35s implementation of the HP67 routines.

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