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Please help me find this book
10-21-2015, 06:13 PM
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Please help me find this book
Guys & Gals,

I'm trying to locate a book, but no amount of Google-Fu and other searching brings back a result that fits my recollection. Here is what I *think* I remember about it (it's my age), so if it jogs your memory as to a possible title, please give me a pointer and I'll be ever so grateful.

I think I saw it mentioned in the MoHPC forums somewhere, probably within the last year.
I think it was in a discussion about the WP 34S; or if not then probably about the internal routines employed by electronic calculators.
It was a book with the collected wisdom of assembly language and/or binary arithmetic tricks.
It had these sort of recipes: "To multiply two 8-bit numbers that are both even: shift one left 3 times and then AND with the XOR of the other." (that's a made up example, I hope it doesn't really work that way!).
I remember it being quite a hefty tome, and getting complicated and esoteric quite quickly.

Many thanks.

Chris Randle
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